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the monster & the maiden fair meme

There's a long precedent in folklore and myth of beautiful young people - both men and women - being kidnapped by monsters: dragons, beasts, goblins, demons, elves, vampires, wolves, or even evil humans. In the end, however, these prisoners are almost always rescued and brought back to civilization to live a normal and happy life.

But what if they didn't want to leave their jailor?

They've seen behind the surface and have begun to sympathize with this "monster;" no, more than that, they've fallen for them. Will this story have a happy ending? Will the monster believe that anyone could love them? Most importantly, though, can the two of them be left alone without any attempts at a "rescue?"

how to play
  • Comment with your character, your preference, and what role they'll play. Feel free to AU characters to your desire role.
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread anything that could remotely fit under the umbrella theme. Was the kidnapping just that, or did both parties know (and care) for each other before, making it a collaborative, mutual effort? Perhaps you'd prefer to play the actual Beauty and The Beast-style getting to know each other or seeing behind the grizzly facade. What about an attempted "rescue?" Or maybe you could thread out a scene where the prisoner runs away from the society they were forced back into and returns to their beloved beast! It's all up to you. You could even do smut if you wanted to, but this isn't a smut meme.

24 March 2017 @ 07:38 pm

It can give sex a certain thrill, terror, or liberation, if the other party is not known to us. Who is the person beneath the mask? The other in the dark? An enemy, a friend, a lover, a relative, or even a predator-- all are possible. All that can be known is, in this critical moment, they are unknown to us.

This is a meme dedicated to the concept of sex between unknown parties, consensual or not. It is up to the players involved if and/or when the parties involved are made known to one another. It would be a good idea to list a preference for “de-masking” if one exists. (Along with usual standards and preferences.) You are free to leave a blank comment or begin with a scenario.


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24 March 2017 @ 01:16 pm

Get the adrenaline pumping and your best game plan in motion, because you've got to be sneaky about your sexcapades. Whether you just like to take advantage of inopportune moments, like fucking before battles or in tight spaceship cockpits or when you have company, your relationship is...not opportune, or you two simply like to abscond during the in-between moments you have together, you'll soon learn to appreciate the fine art of intrigue and being covert.

  • Information, preferences, limits, ideas, you know all the drills.
  • Do a thread.
24 March 2017 @ 08:38 am

You've been dating or, at the very least, considering each other mutual interests for a while now. Finally, there's been a decision made to move your relationship to the next level: a more physical one. You're making that jump, and maybe there's been some frustration, but you're ready now. Push aside the nervousness.

You know this will be everything you ever wanted - and more, right? Because it's them. That's more than enough.

  • Comment with your character and preferences.
  • Reply to others.
  • Play!
24 March 2017 @ 08:02 am

Smut is great. And, to go hand in hand, kink is good. Angst is good, romance is good, sexy sexy sexy is grand, the whole nine yards. Some days, though, you just want to play adorable smut - where "cute" wins out over smoldering sexiness - and nothing else will scratch the itch. Whether it be a first time, canoodling between lovers, an awkward rendezvous, friends to more, someone learning the ropes, an attempt at showing true feelings, amusing "messing around," or anything your mind can come up with, the only rule is that things must be absolutely cute...at face value or in a twisted way.

  • Character, preferences, etc. You can also mention if you want to actually write the smut or if you'd rather FTB.
  • Reply and thread, my lovelies!

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24 March 2017 @ 04:19 am

Post with your character! They're now stuck in a very cold place of your choice. It can be anything, such as a freezing chamber, a cavern or a small cabin in the midst of a blizzard. The choice is up to you.

Comment around! Now your character has some company in this bone-chilling environment. The two of them share two things in common: clothes completely unfitting for this weather (be they summer clothes or even lingerie) and a blanket.

A blanket? Yes, just one warm blanket and no other ways to escape the cold. The two of them will have to share it in order to stay alive in this weather. Don't worry, you're sure to find a common language in this terrible situation!

So, uh, have fun, I suppose. Try to not freeze to death!

Protip: friction and body heat are both excellent ways to fend off cold.
Long-Distance Relationship Meme

a romantic relationship between two people who live far apart and so are unable to meet on a frequent basis.

What to do if the person you're with...isn't with you? They could be living a town over, across the world, or even across the universe. However, living with you may not be off the table for them; instead, it possibly could be a time to time affair. Most of the time, though, they're off somewhere else and quite busy: working hard to advance their career, playing with their band, leading a revolution, whatever their passion of choice may be. You've come to terms with the distance between you, no matter its origin. And on that note, you're determined to do your best and make this work, despite how much you have to rely on any sort of communication aside from face to face.

Of course, what this all means is that you've got to make up for lost time and make every second you do have when they drop by count. What exactly that entails is up to you. Romance? Fun? Sex? Just being close or hanging out together? In your almost constantly parallel lives, any intersection is good enough.

  • You know what to do. Comment with your character, info, prefs, wishes, desires, limits (serious only, fluffy preferred, no smut, humor encouraged, etc.)
  • What aspects of a long-distance relationship do you want to play: the communicating between far-flung parties or the times spent together? Leave that in your comment too.
  • Reply to others and do a thread.
23 March 2017 @ 07:51 pm


Now’s your chance, campers! It’s time to become the action movie hero you always wanted to be! In the wrong place at the wrong time, going on an adventure, being the sidekick, the femme fatale, whatever. THE POINT IS: you’re going to wreck shit on the way to fixing shit.

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23 March 2017 @ 07:11 pm

In the event your canon doesn't have supermarkets or you don't want to go to a straight up supermarket then substitute with a general store, a gas station convenience store, a seedy black market store, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

But fuck yeah, you're going shopping.

How's it going?

  1. It’s going well. You just grabbed some potatoes. It’s just a grocery store. What, is something supposed to happen?
  2. You just found that one thing you wanted - it might be the only reason why you came out here in the first place - and that other person just grabbed it before you!
  3. You (or someone else) shoved some embarrassing item in your shopping cart and now you have to explain it to someone else!
  4. You just got hit by a shopping cart!
  5. You’re trying to reach that one item on the top shelf and unless a passing stranger helps everything’s going to fall on your head! (And it still might.)
  6. Everything’s going well except some random thieves ran in and are now robbing the store! (Or you are the random thief robbing the store!)
  7. You’re stuck in line! And you have been stuck in line for the last fifteen minutes! And it’s going really slowly!
  8. You’re about to get out and you’re free and your bags just broke and everything you bought crashed to the ground of the parking lot!
  9. Something else!
23 March 2017 @ 08:28 pm

The Suddenly Handcuffed Meme 

You were maybe having a pleasant conversation with your friend. Perhaps you simply asked a stranger for the time. Or if you're one of the rowdier folks around town you might have been tripping with your foot that jerk from the office you hate so much. Whatever the reason, you find yourself  now handcuffed to that person, immediately, for no reason!

The handcuffs are sturdy, strong, magical if you so wish, with no keyhole in sight. The chain's length is up to player discretion, and the only way to remove them is with a kiss of true love. Or just a kiss. Or a saw. A saw works just fine.


  • Post with your character's name and canon on the subject line, indicate preferences as needed
  • The method to remove the handcuffs is up to player discretion, as well.
  • Tag other people
  • Have fun!!
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Unconventional Couple

Saying: If it fits, it ships.

The Challenge: Respond to everyone who tags you, no matter how unexpected, crazy, or mismatched the characters are. Play a ship.

- Comment with your character and preferences. If you want, you can include a one sentence or so blurb about your character. But blank comments are fine.
- Tag to others.
- RNG for prompts. Prompts cannibalized from random memes.

Look, man, it doesn't matter if you're an omnipotent being from the stars or a simple bartender slinging drinks in the heart of New York; eventually you just gotta get rid of some junk. And what better way to get rid of it than to embrace the wonders of lawn-based CAPITALISM?

Rules for the Meme:
1. Post your character's top level.
2. In the top level, add THREE items you know for certain would be sold at your character's yard sale.
3. Responders can either choose to respond and inquire about any of those three items OR make up an extra one which your character, like, totally forgot they'd put up for sale. Really. In which case you probably need to try to remember why you put it up. Or had it in the first place, honestly.
4. Haggle. Bargain. Try to pawn off. You know, sell shit.
the shipping picture prompt meme




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The end of the world is here. Are you ready or are you going to kick the bucket? Maybe you've been prepared for the apocalypse for ages or you're blissfully unaware. You can play it straight or for comedy (think Shaun of the Dead), but please be aware that there's likely to be triggering content within so consider content warnings!

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22 March 2017 @ 08:02 pm
Risky Rendezvous

  • Comment: info, preferences, prompts you like, desired roles, etc.
  • Reply: to others.
  • RNG: if you'd like. Otherwise, go nuts.

  1. petplay: All good pets need to be trained. Of course, they naturally want to please master or mistress, so taking to the leash and collar is in their blood. You may want to give them a helping hand, though, and keep those temptations like acting like a human out of their sights.

  2. daddy/baby girl: Or something more gender neutral. Whatever the case, you love taking care of your little one and spoiling them...unless they need punished for being a brat. They may be too young, but you can't help yourself.

  3. medical play: The doctor will see you now.

  4. bondage: Whips and chains excite you. Ropes aren't too bad, either.

  5. religious: Forgive me father, for I have sinned. And now, I'll have to confess it all.

  6. let go: You've got all your shit together in life. In your private life, though, you like to let go and lose yourself - either by being rough and controlling someone else or being controlled.

  7. student/teacher: Young teacher, the subject of school girl fantasies. You know the drill. Somebody's staying after class.

  8. non-con: They say no, but you know they mean yes.

  9. master/servant: Maid or butler uniform optional.

  10. newlyweds: There's nothing like your wedding night.

  11. cheating: Your cheatin' heart may or may not be in the right place.

  12. robbery: Give up all your goods and give up something else, too.

  13. incest: It's all relative.

  14. crossdressing: Girls will be girls and boys will be girls.

  15. police: Ready for a game of good cop, bad cop?

  16. wanton: Oe of you has all the trappings of a slut, with all that ill-repute, and the other has to put them in their "place." Dirty talk, sexy clothing, toys, maybe even glory holes, oh my! The more perverse, the better.

  17. strangers: You'd never do this with someone you just met! Good thing you've really known each other forever.

  18. prostitution: All the naughtiness of an appointment between a prostitute and a John.

  19. nurturing: We know all of you love a mother or father figure.

  20. someone else: Usually, a lover calling out someone else's name is anathema, but now, it's apropos..


22 March 2017 @ 07:55 pm

Bakerstreet is the perfect microcosm for experimentation. This is why an alien race of scientists has set up shop here before taking on the rest of the worlds. What are they doing? It's hard to say whether they're trying to create to perfect, suggestible being or compliant cattle, but one thing's for certain: they're breeding people. Through drugs and serums, (mostly) females will be the mares and (mostly) males the studs of this new race, producing offspring and other much-needed resources such as milk and semen. And how are they getting their test subjects...?

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22 March 2017 @ 07:25 pm
Send Off Smut

Saying goodbye is never easy, regardless of if it's because someone will be gone only for little while or if this is the long goodbye. Make things easier (or harder, depending) by giving your special person something to remember you by - especially on those long, lonely nights. And maybe you're a little selfish, too, because you want to remember how they and their body feel.

  • Top level with all your goodies.
  • Reply to other comments.
  • Thread.

22 March 2017 @ 05:34 pm

mermaids & land dwellers
a possibly (au) mermaid ❝shipping❞ meme

Few fantastical creatures have captured the imaginations of those of us stuck in the mundane quite like mermaids. It's understandable: the ocean provides an endless canvas for us. Who knows what may live in those deep, seemingly endless depths? There's something intriguing about the mermaid, too, as a being that exists between two worlds. Beautiful human up top, dangerously alien down below, a mix between the comforting and the unknown. Such a combination is all very alluring, speaking perfectly of both the sense of freedom and adventure and and the impending doom offered by the high seas.

Because of the mystery and excitement provided by mermaids, people have been considering what the relationships between those who live on land and those who dwell in the sea would be like. For as long as there have been mer-tales, there have been stories of lucky or unlucky seafarers who earn the attention of mermaids. In some cautionary tales, merfolk are said to be little more than sirens who relish in driving sailors to their doom, luring them to the waters with gorgeous songs so that ships may be crashed, blood spilt, and flesh rend to fill the bellies of sea-demons. In other, more optimistic tales, there are lonely mermaids who fall in love with sailors, fishermen, and princes and will do anything to be with their objects of affections, even if it means turning to sea foam. Of course, earning a mermaid's love may not be better than becoming their prey; after all, in their ignorance of the children of earth, they may pull a person under the water and forget that air is a necessity for some.

Perhaps you are a human or other offspring of the land who has grown up with the tales of mermaids. You know that caution must be taken should you go on the ocean, lest you become nothing more than a meal. If you were in that situation, you would never fall for the merfolk's charms. However, that's so much easier said than done.

On the other hand, you could be a mermaid. Whether you are "good" or "bad" depends entirely on upbringing, just like with anyone else. Finally, you've come upon a land dweller. Will you be infatuated with them, look at them as a sweet morsel, or be more scared of them than they are of you?

how to play;
- Comment with your character and preferences. This meme allows for characters to be the one who lives on land or the mermaid. Feel free to do a mermaid AU for your character!
- Reply to others. Use the RNG to get your prompt.

1.Good: Everything said about merfolks is wrong. They are reclusive, but not evil. Especially not this one. Maybe they even saved you. No matter what, they love you, absolutely. And, were you to be honest, it was love at first sight on your end, too. But that doesn't mean you can be together...at least, not easily.
2. Bad: Come, jolly sailor bold. Come into the arms of a mermaid, and you will not regret it. They will hold you, and you cannot resist, even as you're dashed against the rock.
3. Wild: Good and evil cannot be applied to mermaids here, for they are like any other wild creature, more beast than man. Yet the more they're exposed to the kindness of humans or others who live on land, the more fond they grow towards it - and those who show them that kindness.
4. Ignorant: The mermaid's intentions are good, yet he or she doesn't realize what they could do to hurt their land dweller lover.
5. The Mermaid Dilemma: What can be done if someone wants to do more with a mermaid than give them kisses or sweet words? Not much, it seems. At first glance, that is, though who knows what can happen if one puts their mind to it.
6. Not What Was Expected: Beauty is always expected of a mermaid, but what if such a creature looked more like this? Who could care for such a beast? Well, there's still charm there, and with enough personality, appearances can be looked past.
22 March 2017 @ 05:24 pm
( smut meme )

Before this moment, sex never, for all intents and purposes, crossed your mind. Maybe you just weren't interested. Maybe you thought no one would be interested in you, or that you didn't deserve it or weren't compatible with the act itself. There's even the chance that you haven't even known about sex at all - perhaps if you did, you could only associate it with terrible things or past traumas couldn't let you even fathom it.

All of that reasoning is in the past, though. Now, right now, you're with a person who makes you feel...everything. And you want to keep going, as you're mapping out new experiences and pleasures you never knew existed as you learn how to let go and be intimate. More importantly, you feel safe with this person, and safe to explore them, too. You definitely want to do a lot of that, because learning about them is even more interesting than learning new quirks about yourself. The way they move, the noises they make, it's all so warm and intoxicating.

You may have never imagined you'd find yourself in such a sexually charged scenario, but you don't want to stop this union any time soon.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, info, etc.
  • Reply to someone.
  • Play. ♥